Tripartite discussions resumed since yesterday via videoconference.


Bahir Dar; June 10/2020 (AMMA) Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt resumed their discussions on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) yesterday and continued.

The three nations discussed on how the filling and discharging of water from the GERD will be. The discussants are Ethiopian, Sudanese and Egyptian ministers of Water, Irrigation and Energy. South Africa, European Union and USA observed the tripartite discussion virtually.

The two days long, discussion focused on procedures to follow, observers roles, how to negotiate and other unresolved issues of the GERD. Each nation also presented the main issues for future discussions.

However, the three nations not agreed on the roles of the observers.

According to the ministry of water, irrigation and energy of Ethiopia the negotiation is limited to the first phase of water filling of the GERD and annual water discharge of it. The ministry also re-assured that Ethiopia is still committed to resolve the gap on tables.

Ethiopian scholars recommend that Egyptian stand is so volatile and not dependable. As a result, Ethiopia shall focus on the GERD only when discussions take place. The Egyptians always change their point of discussion to re-assure the outdated colonial era treaties, which ignored the upper riparian countries, said the scholars.

Reported by Abrham Bewket


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