Ethiopia launches Green Legacy program as of today.


Bahir Dar; June 5/2020 (AMMA) Ethiopia launches Green Legacy program for the second consecutive years and planned to plant 5 billion seedlings in this summer.

PM Abiy Ahmed (PhD) delivered a video message concerning the motive, preparation and last year’s experience of the green legacy. Doctor Abiy noted that the survival rate of last year’s green legacy seedlings is 84% and the green legacy will continue to plant 20 billion seedlings in four years of period.

The green legacy aims to conserve the environment and mitigate the prevailing degradations. PM Abiy also said that Ethiopia is exerting its effort to alleviate the existing catastrophic consequences of climate change.

He also explained that Ethiopia celebrates the world environment day by planting seedlings in the green legacy program to create green environment and preserve biodiversity.

The PM called the global community to support the green legacy and reminded the public to put into practice recommendations to be safe from COVID-19 pandemic.

By Abrham Bewket


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