Ethiopia Launches 7th National Health Account


Ethiopia launched the 7th National Health Account (NHA VII) today.

A health account (HA) aims to generate up-to-date empirical evidence on spending in health care in order to inform health policy formulation and development.

Ethiopia tracks spending on health every three years and six rounds of health accounts were conducted since the HA introduced in to the country in 2000.

According to the NHA VII report, the total health spending in Ethiopia increased from 49.5 billion birr in 2013/14 to 72 billion birr in 2016/17.

Out of pocket spending decreased from 33% to 31%, while government’s contribution increasing from 30% to 32%, said Dr Amir Aman, Minister of Health, on Twitter.

The total health spending per capita also increased from $28.6 to $33.2. About 41% of the budget goes to primary health care unit and 29.4% to hospitals, he added.


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