Amhara Mass Media Agency, Ethiopia

Amhara Mass Media Agency (AMMA) is the Media Organization of the Amhara Regional State Government and people in Ethiopia. According to the organization’s establishment proclamation no. 88/1995, it is accountable for the regional council.

It operates one free on-air Television Station, 4 Free-on-air and 2 to air Radio Stations and 4 on circulation news papers. Now the organization is participating at online media.

It is serving the community through 4 Ethiopian languages (Amharic, Afanoromo, Awi, Himtana) and English.

Its broadcasting operation is based in Bahir Dar, but it has 10 branches in Amhara region and 1 branch in Addis Ababa, the capital city of Ethiopia.

The media has created its identity by good governance public spheres since 2015. Amhara mass media agency is the credible media organization in Ethiopia.

As a young media, it passes a lot of media structure and management systems. Starting from May 2018, it has re structured its departments. This transforms the organization in terms of structure, management style, working system and the like. Our media organization has 750 employees.

Our Vision
To be credible and leading media organization in Ethiopia, up to 2020.

Our Values
Serving public interest
Team work